David Ano (losttoy) wrote in ann_arbor_area,
David Ano

Today is the day. Vote for your local primary.

I voted .. have you?

For Michigan voters, find out where your polling location is, what will be on your ballot and information about candidates.
Visit, http://www.publius.org/

According to this Associate Press story, voter turnout is low with the secretary of state estimating only a 23% turnout. Let us proof them wrong! Polls close at 8pm, so get out there people!!! Voters today will decide who will be running for Michigan governor include five Republicans and two Democrats. All 148 seats in the state Legislature are also on the line, along with local millage proposals.

We live in America, people! People have died for the right to vote. If you do not like how the government is going, stop whining and get informed. VOTE!
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